Welcome to the Lincoln Fire District

Town of Lincoln, RI - Incorporated 2020

Public Records Request

Procedure for Requesting Public Records

(1) A request for inspection or copying of public records shall be presented in writing, via facsimile or in person to the Clerk/Legal Counsel of the Lincoln Fire District; during the ordinary business hours of the district on forms as provided by the district and must reasonably describe the records sought in a way that will permit their identification and location by district personnel. At the discretion of the Clerk/Legal Counsel, the requirements of a formal request may be waived. A written record of all requests shall be maintained.

The mailing address is: Lincoln Fire District, P.O. Box 1, Lincoln, RI 02865.
The physical address is 38 School Street, Albion, RI 02802
The fax number is: (401) 333-1384

(2) If the description of records sought in the request is not sufficient to allow the district to identify and locate the requested records, the district will notify the person requesting such records that additional information is needed.

(3) The district will make every reasonable effort to honor the request within ten (10) business days of receipt of the form as specified herein.

(4) The district will make its best efforts to notify the inquirer of the status of the request within ten (10) days, should it appear that the request cannot be honored within the ten (10) days. For good cause, the time to respond may be extended to thirty (30) days.

Hours of Inspections

All records made available pursuant to these procedures may be inspected between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


(1) Official publications which the district prepares in the discharge of its duty to inform the public on matters of public interest shall be furnished free of charge when available.

(2) The district will supply one copy of any of its Rules and Regulations to an individual requesting same free of charge. Rules and Regulations of the District are also available online from the district’s website.

(3) The district shall charge a fee for copying and/or search and retrieval of requested documents consistent with applicable state law.

(4) All payments for copies of records shall be paid in advance of delivery, or, at the option of the district, at such later time as the District may specify. All checks shall be payable to the Lincoln Fire District